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Balloon pacifier. Balloon ghost. Balloon cherry. Balloon apple. Balloon tomato

Materials: balloon; an air pump; scissors and a permanent marker. 
We are going to use the tulip twist to make all sculptures described in this instruction. Previously I have described different ways to make the tulip twist (see instructions: “tulip”, “indestructible bubble and the rattle and etc."). Let’s make the pacifier. Usually we make bubbles starting from the nozzle of the balloon pushing the air to the flat tail. For this sculpture; we are going to do it in a different order. We have to inflate the bubble away from the nozzle about one inch to the opposite end of the balloon. And it is the only reason we stretch the balloon at the point where we want to inflate the balloon. The balloon always inflates in the weakest spot. Stretching the balloon in one spot creates the weakest spot. Temperature is a great issue for this matter. In my apartment it is around 70. In this temperature balloon most likely inflates at the nozzle. The balloon would inflate at the weakest spot if the temperature was about 90. Inflate about three inch—bubble (Pic 1).

Squeeze the bubble to force it about one—inch to the opposite end of the balloon (Pic 2).

Force the knot of the balloon about half way inside of the bubble (Pic 3).

Make sure to get rid of the flat tail at the end of the balloon (Pic 4 and 5).

Grab the bubble and the knot of the balloon inside of the bubble with your other hand. Twist the bubble. Your finger is inside of the bubble (Pic 6 and 7). 

Hold the bubble with the other hand and pull gently your finger out of the bubble. Fix all bubbles properly. We have made the pacifier. We can use the flat tail as a bracelet. Adjust the bubbles. Congratulations, you have made the pacifier (Pic 8 through 12). Keep in mind that it is not a real pacifier. It is a balloon. Balloons are not for toddlers.
Keep it away from face of anyone, specially away from little babies.

We can use it as a bracelet (Pic 10 and 11). We also can make the pacifier using different technique described in previously published instruction "Hat (tiny)". All you have to do is to lock the end of the flat tail between bubbles instead of cutting it off. 

Pink balloons usually the most popular among ladies and of course it limits the choices of the rest of us to the blue. Babies go along with whatever color their parents pick up for them :)

Basically we can use the same sculpture to make a ghost. Size of the bubbles is the only difference. I also use white color balloon for the ghost. We do it in the same fashion. Stretch the balloon about two inch away from the opposite end of the balloon. Inflate  up to four—inch bubble (Pic 13).

Once again we will need a long flat tail to make the bracelet. Force the bubble up to two—inch to the opposite end of the balloon (Pic 14).

Force the knot of the balloon up to three—inch inside of the balloon. This time we have to make some little flat tail at the end of the balloon. It would make the head of the ghost look better. Twist the first up to three—inch bubble. The rest of the balloon is the second bubble. The second bubble is the head of the ghost (Pic 15 through 17).

Gently pull your finger out of the balloon (Pic 18).

Use a permanent black marker to draw the face and the body of the ghost (Pic 19). Congratulations, you have made the ghost.

The next sculpture we are going to make is a small size apple. Apple has the same shape as tomato. So it could be a tomato as well. This time we stretch a balloon about two—inch away from the nozzle. Inflate up to three—inch bubble. Tie the balloon about two—inch away from the nozzle of the balloon (Pic 20).

Force the knot of the balloon inside of the bubble and grab it at the other end of the bubble.
Make sure the nozzle of the balloon remains untangled and protrudes from the bubble (Pic 21).

Lock both ends of the bubble in one lock twist inside of the bubble (Pic 22).

Gently pull your finger out of the bubble. Fix the bubble properly. The knot of the balloon is locked  and hidden inside of the bubble (Pic 23).

The nozzle of the balloon represents the butt of the apple and it should  merely protrude from the bubble (Pic 24 and 25). Flat tail of the balloon represents the stem.

We can make the stem as short as we want. Tie a knot about two—inch away from the bubble (Pic 26).

Cut off the rest of the flat tail (Pic 27 through 30). Congratulations, you have made the apple. We can use the stem to attach the apple to the apple tree, Christmas tree and etc. Use the red balloon to make a cherry tomato. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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