Monday, March 4, 2013

Balloon baby rattle

Well, of course every object is totally destructible in skillful hands of our children :) Nevertheless we are going to surprise many tough men with a small virtually “indestructible” bubble. Whoever tries first time to pop this bubble with just bare fingers would be very surprised, possibly embarrassed and surely have hard time. I’m going to use a scrap of clear yellow balloon to make a number of bubbles. Inflate a five inch bubble leaving a four—inch or more flat tail (Pic 1).

Use scissors to trim neatly the knot (Pic 2).

Twist the first soft one—inch bubble (Pic 3). The rest of the balloon is the second bubble.

Force the first bubble inside of the second bubble and hold it there (Pic 4 through 6).

Force the second bubble to the end of the flat tail. You should make a little of flat space between the second bubble and the first bubble that is inside of the balloon (Pic 7).

Cut off the second bubble (Pic 8).

Congratulations, you have made the double layered bubble. This is the “indestructible” bubble. Try to squeeze it (Pic 9). Well, it takes many attempts before the soft double layered bubble pops.

Now we are going to make a rattle toy. Inflate a clear balloon leaving an eight—inch flat tail (Pic 10).

Use different color scrap balloons to make a couple of soft one—inch bubbles (Pic 11).

Twist the first yellow soft one—inch bubble. The rest of the yellow balloon is the 2nd bubble (Pic 12).

Cut off the second yellow bubble and tie off the end (Pic 13).

Trim closely both ends of the first yellow bubble (Pic 14).

We also have to trim the knot of the clear balloon. Our next step is to force the yellow bubble  inside of the clear balloon (Pic 15).

Hold the yellow bubble next to the knot of the clear balloon (Pic 16).

Force the yellow bubble one—inch inside of the clear balloon and hold it in there (Pic 17 through 21).

Twist the clear bubble to lock the yellow bubble inside of the clear balloon (Pic 22).

Use scissors to cut off the clear bubble (Pic 23). Just remember to hold the clear balloon at the spot where you cut the balloon.

You have to keep the yellow bubble and the air inside of the clear balloon (Pic 24).

Move the yellow bubble from the cut to inside of the clear balloon (Pic 25 through 28).

The yellow bubble is free inside of the clear balloon and it also is wrapped in a layer of the clear balloon. We made “indestructible” bubble inside of the balloon. Tie off the end of the clear balloon (Pic 29).

We are going to put two more bubbles inside of the clear balloon. Make a blue soft one—inch bubble (Pic 30).

Trim closely knots of the blue bubble  and the clear balloon. Force the blue bubble one—inch inside of the clear balloon (Pic 31 through 34).

Twist the clear one—inch bubble to lock the blue bubble inside of the balloon (Pic 35).

Use scissors to cut off the clear bubble (Pic 36).

Move the blue bubble from the cut (Pic 37 through 40).

Tie off the end of the clear balloon (Pic 41).

You can force the third (and etc) bubble inside of the clear balloon in the same way as you did the first two bubbles (Pic 42). Congratulations, you have made the rattle toy. You can shape it in a letter S and etc. Have fun and happy twisting :)
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