Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One balloon broomstick

Supplies: balloons and an air pump.
Inflate a balloon leaving about 2 cm flat tail.

Fold the balloon in half. 

Braid halves of the balloon around each other.

Lock the ends of the balloon in one lock twist with small bubble.

Pull the sculpture by the ends to force the wave.

Untwist the ends of the balloon. The halves of the balloon retain woven shape!

Twist the first about 15 cm bubble.

Twist the second about 17-18 cm bubble.

Lock both ends of the chain of the first two bubbles in one lock twist.

Twist the third about 20 cm bubble.

Lock the free end of the last bubble between the first two bubbles. You have to roll the first two bubbles around the third bubble.

Hold the ends of the first three bubbles and and force them in screwing motion

It gives the broom the nice shape.

We have already made the simple broomstick.

I want to fix all bubbles in proper position. For this purpose I twist next two small about 3 cm bubbles.

Lock all ends of the last two bubbles in one lock twist.

Fix all bubbles in proper position. Congratulations! We have made the one balloon broomstick!

We can make one balloon broomstick of different shapes. For this example I made the gray broomstick without braiding halves of the balloon (other then that, I followed the same steps as described above).

The stick of the gray balloon has straight shape. 

We can wrap the gray stick around one arm. Squeeze the spiral to give it woven shape.

Congratulations again! This time we have made the broomstick with larger wave.

And finally, we can leave the stick straight as it is.
Or just bend the end of the stick.

The broomstick with this "guitar" shape looks good too!

Have fun and happy twisting :)

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