Thursday, September 22, 2016

Broomstick of balloons

Supplies: balloons, an air pump and scissors.
Inflate yellow balloon leaving about 7 cm flat tail.

Squeeze the balloon to make it softer leaving about 1 cm flat tail.

Tie both ends of the balloon in one knot.

Fold the balloon in half and spit it on two bubbles of about the same size.

Lock both ends of each bubble in one lock twist. We have made two bubbles locked in a shape of number 8.

Split each bubble in half. We have made four bubbles.

Lock free ends of all four bubbles in one lock. You have to roll one of the bubbles between other bubbles.

Hold the sculpture (all four bubbles) in one hand about 1/3 length of the bubble away from the knot of the balloon.

Twist all four bubbles at this point splitting all four bubbles in one move on two bubbles and locking their free ends in one knot. We have made the broom.

Inflate orange balloon making about 30 cm bubble. Twist a chain of the first two about 3 cm bubbles.

Lock all ends of the first two bubbles in one lock twist.

Squeeze the rest of the balloon to make it softer.

Hold the small orange bubbles between the halves of the broom.

Wrap the orange balloon around the broom to measure the size of the next orange bubble.

Twist the next orange bubble. Lock the free end of the last orange bubble between the first two orange bubbles.

Cut off the rest of the orange balloon and tie off the end. 

Inflate a brown balloon leaving about 1 cm flat tail.

Measure the size of the stick for the broom.

Of course, we can use entire length of the brown balloon to make the stick. Though, I prefer to make it shorter. I am going to cut off about 1/3 or 1/4 length of the brown balloon on the nozzle end.

Twist two about 3 cm bubbles at the point where you want to cut off the balloon.

Lock all ends of the small brown bubble in one lock twist.

Cut off the nozzle end of the balloon. We have made the stick.

Wrap the nozzle of the yellow balloon between brown bubbles.

Fix all bubbles in proper positions.

Congratulations! We have made the broomstick. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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