Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pokeball balloon. How to make pokeball

Supplies: a red balloon, an air pump, scissors, white correction liquid, blue and black permanent markers.

There are different ways to make a ball using 260's modelling balloons. In this instruction I want to show probably the simplest (not the fastest!) way to make pokeball. For references I look up the picture of a pokeball you may find at the back of any Pokemon card (Pic 1).

Inflate a red balloon leaving long flat tail (Pic 2). We are going to use just small part of the balloon.

Force the bubble away from the nozzle to the opposite (round) end of the balloon (Pic 3).

Twist about 3 cm bubble at the very end of the balloon (Pic 4). The point is to make a ball of the most rounded shape.

Force the rest of the air away from the first bubble (Pic 5).

Cut off the rest of the balloon and tie off the end. Trim off the end using scissors (Pic 6 and 7).

I use white correction liquid to paint the bottom (white) half of the ball (Pic 8).

The pokeball supposes to have a black button with a blue center. I use the white correction liquid as a base or ground paint for the button. Paint the knot making round shape around it (Pic 9).

Then I paint a line around the ball trough the button (Pic 10).

Then I paint the bottom half of the ball (Pic 11).

Once the white correction liquid dried out we can paint the button. First I paint the center of the button using a blue permanent marker (Pic 12 and 13).

And then I paint the rest of the button using a black permanent marker (Pic 14 and 15).

Congratulations! We have made a pokeball (Pic 15 - 17).

Have fun and happy twisting :)

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