Saturday, July 30, 2016

Olympic rings of balloons

Supplies: balloons, air pump, sewing thread (of the same color as the background) and clear sticky tape.

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Inflate five balloons of appropriate colors - blue yellow, black (I use purple in this example) green and red. You have to inflate all balloons of the same length - the size of the flat tail could be different for different color balloons.

We are going to prepare all five balloons in the same way. Twist the first two about 2-3 cm bubbles.

Lock all ends of the first two bubbles in one lock twist.

Now we have to make chain out of five balloons. We have to connect the balloons in appropriate color pattern. Lock the end of the blue balloon between the first two small bubbles.

We have made the blue ring.

Pull the yellow balloon half way through the blue ring. Lock the end of the yellow balloon between two first yellow bubbles. We have made the yellow ring and attached it to the blue ring.

Work the rest of the balloons in the same fashion. Make sure to follow the color order: blue, yellow, purple (or black), green and red. We have made a chain of five rings.

Hold the blue, purple and the red rings - it will be the top row. And the yellow and the green rings make the low row.

I am going to fix the rings to the wall using sewing thread and the clear sticky tape. I use white sewing thread to match color of the wall.

Attach one end of the sewing thread with sticky tape to the wall on the level where you want to hang the rings.

Pull the sewing thread through the blue ring and wrap it around. Then hang the purple balloon on the sewing thread and wrap the thread around. Attention! We want to fix all rings of one row overlapping  each other in the same direction!

And then pull the sewing thread through the red ring and wrap it around. Level the sculpture. Attach the free end of the sewing thread with the sticky tape. Make sure to leave some sewing thread hanging freely  on both sides of the line. Later you may want to adjust the tension of the sewing thread line.

Now I am going to pull the second line of the sewing thread through the low row of rings (yellow and green).

For good measure, we can pull the third line through the low row of rings to fix the bottom part of the sculpture.

Fix all balloons in proper positions. Hide the small bubbles of each balloon under overlapping ring. You may fix rings close to each other or pull them apart as you like. You may regulate the tension of the line by pulling it in and out under the sticky tape. Congratulations! We have made the Olympic rings out of balloons! Have fun and happy twisting :)

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