Sunday, July 5, 2015

What balloons to use

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What kind of balloons do I use? Where do I buy balloons? What are the best balloons to work with?

I use only one type, one size balloons for making all my balloon twisting instructions - 260's Qualetex
The flat balloon has a pencil shape. It is about 28 cm long. The name of the balloon means the size of fully inflated balloon and the name of the company. The 260's fully inflated balloon has about 2 inches diameter and about 60 inches length. This is approximately estimated size! The actual size of balloons made by different companies varies a lot, a specially the length of balloons. The balloons come in a bag of 100 or 250 of the same or assorted color balloons.  

I used to buy balloons of different brands from different retailers. There are easy criteria for consideration: the price, packaging, availability. And then there are the quality, colors and durability of balloons - those criteria you defined only by the end of the working day with balloons. All companies have their satisfied (regular) customers who buys only their products.

Back in Europe I worked with balloons made in Germany (the best quality, the most expansive and difficult to buy), Cattex Italy (affordable price, good quality), Turkey and China (cheap quality and cheap prices). In North America I worked mostly with Betallatex or Qualetex balloons. I like the Betallatex balloons for their nice colors, competitive prices, packaging and quality. I choose to use Qualetex balloons for making balloon instructions based on their availability - about 10 years ago Qualetex balloons where the most available in New York. The most recently I shopped online for balloons at burton+BURTON

Are there indestructible balloons or balloons that will stay for ever or longer?... Do you really want to keep the same balloon animal for ever! or ... how long? - You were kidding me with this question! Balloon are disposable! Anyway, I do not know where to get indestructible balloons and I am not interesting in this kind of balloons. You have to find them on your own - I wish you good luck!

You have to try different brands to find which balloons are the best for you. Any balloons you choose to work with will do as long as you make people happy. If it makes you happy along this way then you know that you work with the "right" balloons!
Have fun and happy twisting :)

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