Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Balloon skateboard. Balloon surfboard. Balloon Christmas tree. Balloon basket

Materials: balloons, an air pump and scissors.
Back days, we have made a Cake using six balloons. And today we are going to work in similar ways using just two balloons. Inflate two balloons leaving about four-inch flat tail. Tie nuzzles of both balloons in one knot. Twist the first yellow and the first blue about three-inch bubbles (Pic 1).

Lock free end of the first bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 2).

Twist the second yellow about three-inch bubble (Pic 3).

Lock both ends of the chain of the first two (the first and the second) yellow bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 4). You have to force the second yellow bubble through the loop of the first ( yellow and blue) bubbles as to make the bird body fold. We have made the front (or the back) part of the surfboard.

Now we are going to wave the board. Twist the third about one-inch yellow bubble. Twist the second blue one-inch bubble. Twist the third blue about three-inch bubble (Pic 5).

Lock the free end of the chain of the last two (the second and the third) blue bubble with the free end of the third yellow bubble (Pic 6 and 7).

Twist the fourth yellow bubble (Pic 8).

Lock the free end of the fourth yellow bubble between the second and the third blue bubbles (Pic 9 through 11). You have to force the fourth yellow bubble between the two blue bubbles as to make the bird body fold.

Twist the fourth blue about one-inch bubble. Twist the fifth yellow about one-inch bubble. We can make the fabric of different shapes by twisting different size bubbles. Just for example I am going to increase the size middle section of the board by one inch. Twist the sixth yellow about four-inch bubble (Pic 12).

Lock the free end of the chain of the last two (the fifth and the sixth) yellow bubbles with the free end of the fourth blue bubble (Pic 13).

Twist the fifth blue about four-inch bubble (Pic 14).

Lock the free end of the fifth blue bubble between the fifth and the sixth yellow bubbles. Keep twisting and locking bubbles in this fashion (Pic 15 through 17).

I deceased the size of bubbles by one-inch at the end of the sculpture. We can add new balloons at the end to make the sculpture longer. I am going to finish the sculpture once I twisted the twelfth yellow and the eleventh blue bubble (Pic 18 through 20).

Twist the twelfth blue about three-inch bubble (Pic 21).

Lock both ends of the chain of the last two (the eleventh and the twelfth) blue bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 22).

Cut off the rest of the balloons and tie off the ends (Pic 23 through 26).

Congratulations, we have made the board, a surfboard, a wall and etc (Pic 27).

We can convert it to a skateboard or some sort of a vehicle. You can use set of four black one inch bubbles to represent wheels. And simply force them between bubbles at the bottom of the board. Or make set of four larger size wheels. Twist a soft one-inch bubble. Twist a soft about five-inch bubble. Lock all ends of the two bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 28).

Attach the wheels between bubbles on the sides or at the bottom of the board (Pic 29 through 31).

Bellow is an example of the same fabric where I used two balloons of the same color and gradually increasing (about half-inch) size of bubbles (Pic 32 through 34). Also, you may noticed that I ended the wide end of the sculpture differently-it is open. This way we can use the fabric as a suck, a bag, a basket and etc.

Let's see how to keep both ends of the sculpture open. To make it closed we started by locking nozzles of balloons in a knot (Pic 35).

To make it open we have to skip this part (Pic 36).

Twist the first pink about four-inch bubble. Lock the free end of the first pink bubble with the nozzle of the purple balloon (Pic 37).

Twist the first purple about four-inch bubble. Lock the free end of the first purple bubble 
with the nozzle of the pink balloon (Pic 38). We have made the open end (or front).

The rest of the sculpture we weave in the same fashion as we did the board (Pic 39 through 41).

On this picture you can see how different the endings (Pic 42).

Also, we can use color patterns in this sculpture (Pic 43 and 44).

Congratulations again, we have made the fabric (Pic 45 through 47). You may find use for it in many different sculpture: parts of body, walls, flags, bags, hats, all kind of flat surfaces and 3D objects. Your imagination is the limit of this list. In future, I am going to make more instructions with use of this kind of fabric for some specific sculptures. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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