Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to make balloon candle

Materials: two balloons; an air pump and scissors.

The technique described in this instruction you can use to connect numbers of balloons in one line. I’m going to use a clear balloon to make the candle for purpose of this instruction. Usually I use white balloons to make candles. Use a red balloon to make the flame. You will need to twist very soft one—inch bubble for the flame. However, I am going to inflate the red balloon more than that, so you can get better look on how two balloons looks connected in one line. Inflate the red balloon leaving a nine—inch flat tail (Pic 1).

Inflate the clear balloon leaving a seven—inch flat tail (Pic 2).

We are going to use the tulip twist to connect two balloons. Twist the first soft a half—inch bubble of the clear balloon (Pic 3).

Attach the red balloon to the free end (point A on the scheme) of the first clear bubble (Pic 4 and 5).

Force the air in the red balloon one—inch away from the knot (Pic 6).

Force the first clear bubble with the flat part of the red balloon about two inches inside of the clear balloon (Pic 7).

Then you twist the second clear soft one—inch bubble (Pic 8 and 9). This step is marked with arrow between points A and B on the scheme. The first clear bubble is inside of the clear balloon! We will lock it inside of the third bubble. You have made the tulip twist.

Twist the first red soft one—inch bubble (Pic 10).

Make some flat space between the first bubble and the rest of the red balloon (Pic 11).

Cut off the rest of the red balloon and tie off the end (Pic 12). You have made the flame.

The third clear bubble you twist to make the body of the candle. Twist the third clear six—inch bubble (Pic 13).

You can cut off the rest of the balloon and tie off the end. It would be all to make the candle if you want to attach the candle to a cake or any other sculpture you made. Or you can make another tulip twist on the bottom of the candle (and attach the third balloon to make the line of three balloons). We are going to make the tulip twist. Make one—inch flat tail between the third bubble and the rest of the balloon (Pic 14).

Cut off the rest of the balloon and tie off the end (Pic 15).

Soften up the third bubble by forcing the air from the third bubble to the end of the balloon (Pic 16).

Twist the fourth soft half—inch bubble at the end of the balloon (Pic 17).

Force the fourth clear bubble about two inches inside of the balloon (Pic 18).

Then you twist the fifth clear soft one—inch bubble (Pic 19). This step is marked with arrow between points D and E on the scheme. The fourth clear bubble is locked inside of the third clear bubble!

Congratulations, you have made the candle (Pic 20 through 23). Have fun and happy twisting :)

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