Monday, February 25, 2013

Balloon furniture

Materials: balloons,air pump, scissors.
In previously published instruction "Fabric 3 Cube" we used fabric to make a cube using 18 balloons. Wow, more than year ago! Alright, I mentioned then that it's possible to make a similar cube using just 12 balloons. Better today than never, we are going to make this sculpture. We are going to work this sculpture basically in the same fashion as we did in the "Fabric 3 Cube". Inflate all twelve balloons leaving about seven-inch flat tail. We are going to use six balloons to make a rectangular piece of fabric with sides six by eighteen bubbles. I use very simple color pattern in this example. So, we are going to use each balloon to twist eighteen bubbles. And we twist all bubbles of the same about one-inch size. It is small sculpture with total of 216 bubbles. So, it would take time to make it (Pic 1 through 5).

Now we are going to use another six balloons to make the same (six by eighteen bubbles) size rectangular shape. At the same time we will attach both rectangles to make the cube. Let's attach the nuzzles of the first pair of yellow balloons at the middle of the long side of the first rectangle.It's between the ninth and the tenth bubble (Pic 6).

Attach the other two pairs of yellow balloons on the each side of the first yellow pair (Pic 7). The rest of the sculpture we work in the same fashion.

Remember to make the corners of the cube by attaching appropriate yellow and blue bubbles (Pic 8 through 17).

We can keep the end of one corner balloon as a handle (Pic 18).

Or cut off the rest of the balloons and tie off the ends. Congratulations, we have made the cube (Pic 19 and 20). 

We can fold one corner of the cube inside to make a roof for a dollhouse (Pic 21).

Or we can use it as a chair (Pic 22). The most practical use for the cube sculpture (for me at least) is in games. I've been using the cube instead of ball to play all games indoor. Well, it is not so bouncy as regular ball, though it is much safer on your windows, furniture and the cube could last for a couple days compare to the three balloons ball. Also, I want to mention again that we can make cube with different color patterns. And that is what we are going to discuss in one of the future instructions. How about to use the cube to make a dollhouse or the gingerbread house?! Have fun and happy twisting :)
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