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Balloon pole. How to make balloon arch. Balloon candy bar

Materials: balloons; an air pump and scissors. 
First we will make a candy bar using one balloon. Inflate a balloon leaving three—inch flat tail (Pic 1).

Twist a chain of two soft (the first and the second) soft five—inch bubbles (Pic 2).

Lock both ends of the chain of the first two bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 3).

Lock all ends of the first two bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 4).

Fold the balloon to estimate the size of the next bubble. It should be about one third of the rest of the balloon. Twist the third ten—inch bubble (Pic 5).

Twist a chain of the next two (the fourth and the fifth) soft five—inch bubbles (Pic 6).

Lock both ends of the chain of the last two bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 7).

Lock all ends of the last two (the fourth and the fifth) bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 8).

Twist the sixth bubble of the same (ten—inch) size as the third bubble. Lock both ends of the chain of the first six (the first through the sixth) bubbles in one lock twist. The rest of the balloon is the seventh bubble (Pic 9). We can keep the 7th bubble and use it as a handle or tail. Or cut it off and tie off the end.

Weave or braid the third and the sixth bubbles around each other. Congratulations, you have made the one balloon candy bar (Pic 10).

Usually I use the one balloon candy bar as a body for animals or cartoon characters. For example I will attach a bunny head to the candy bar (Pic 11).

Twist up to two—inch bubble to make the neck. And then lock the free end of the neck bubble between the fourth and the fifth bubble of the candy bar. We can cut off the rest of the pink balloon (Pic 12). Or we can use it to make our candy bar more colorful.

In the following example I use basically the same candy bar and bunny head only with different color balloons, to make a variation. Twist one more white bubble of the same size as the third or the sixth blue bubbles. Then lock the free end of the last white bubble between the 1 and the 2 blue bubbles. Weave the white bubble with the third and the sixth blue bubbles (Pic 13 and 14).

We can make more sculptures using two or three different color balloons. Inflate different color balloons leaving up to two—inch flat tail (Pic 15). First we are going to make two balloons candy bar.

Twist the first soft five—inch bubble (Pic 16).

Lock ends of the first bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 17 and 18). Twist and lock the first bubble on all balloons.

Weave both balloons around each other. There are different ways to weave or braid balloons. You welcome to look at previously published “Flower 2” instruction on how it's done or just follow the steps below. I put my left hand between balloons. Palm facing away from me. Hold one balloon with my left fingers and the other balloon with my left thumb. Right hand holds both balloons right below my left hand. Turn both balloons at the same time with my right hand and move the left hand up the balloons. Keep both hands closer to each other to make small even steps (Pic 19 through 40).

We twist the second bubbles five—inch away from the end of the shortest balloon (Pic 41). Yes, usually as a result of weaving in this way, one balloon comes shorter than the other. The rest of balloons is the third five—inch bubbles.

Lock all ends of the third bubbles in one lock twist (Pic 42).

We have made the two balloons candy bar (Pic 43).

Now we are going to convert two balloons candy bar to three balloons candy bar. Lock the ends of the first bubbles of all three balloons in one lock twist (Pic 44).

Weave the third (yellow balloon) balloon around the the first two balloons. It may not work properly if we just wrap the yellow balloon around the candy bar. Most likely the third balloon would be shorter than the first two balloons! It is important to wave the third balloon around the candy bar by forcing it slightly in the waves of the candy bar. It will stretch the third balloon. Then you twist the third bubble and lock both ends of all third bubbles in one lock twist. Trim all ends. Fix all bubbles in proper positions. Congratulations, we have made three balloons candy bar (Pic 45). We can use candy bar as a body for cartoon characters, animals. We can connect both ends of one candy bar to make a hat. And we can connect number of candy bars to each other to make large size sculptures as chains, arches and so on. The three balloons candy bar is solid and sturdy. We can use it to make poles to support other sculptures. As opposite to it the two balloons candy bar is lighter and very flexible.

It makes more sense to use entire balloon bodies to make the candy bars for large sculptures. And cover the connections between candy bars with some decorations. Let's see how it can be done. Inflate balloons leaving up to two—inch flat tails. Tie nozzles of two balloons together in one knot (Pic 46).

Weave both balloons around each other to the very end of the shortest balloon and lock both flat tails in one lock twist (Pic 47).

Use two more balloons to make the second candy bar (Pic 48).

Tie two candy bars together (Pic 49).

Two candy bars together already make a n arch (Pic 50).

We can make more candy bars and attach them to each other to make any large size pole or arch (Pic 51).

I like to use flowers (any number of petals) to cover the connections between candy bars. However, we can use any small sculptures for this purpose. Just for example I made three petals flower (Pic 52).

Force the flower between two candy bars. Use another flowers to cover connection  between the other two candy bars (Pic 53 and 54).

I like to use different sculptures to cover connection at the top of the arch. Here I use some sort of butterfly or bow for this purpose (Pic 55 and 56).

We also have to cover the bottom of the arch. Once again, flowers work well for this purpose (Pic 57 through 61).

I use sticky tape and proper color thread to attach the arch to a wall and ceiling. Sticky tape may not stick well to the floor. In this case I make loads, something heavy to attach at the bottom of the sculpture. For the loads I fill flat balloons with rice, salt, sand or whatever else available in household. If you think to use water balloons at your party then you probably want to use water balloons as loads. Simply attach the loads to the bottom of the sculpture. We can attach number of candy bars at the top of the arch (Pic 62 and 63). There are many more different ways to use candy bars in decoration. And there are many more patterns to make arches. We are going to make some more arches in next instructions. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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