Tuesday, May 10, 2022

LONGING (from EPOCHS) by Emma Lazarus

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by Emma Lazarus

Look westward o'er the steaming rain-washed slopes,

Now satisfied with sunshine, and behold

Those lustrous clouds, as glorious as our hopes,

Softened with feathery fleece of downy gold,

In all fantastic, huddled shapes uprolled,

Floating like dreams, and melting silently,

In the blue upper regions of pure sky.

The eye is filled with beauty, and the heart

Rejoiced with sense of life and peace renewed;

And yet at such an hour as this, upstart

Vague myriad longing, restless, unsubdued,

And causeless tears from melancholy mood,

Strange discontent with earth's and nature's best,

Desires and yearnings that may find no rest.

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