Monday, December 2, 2013

Balloon popsicle. Balloon grenade

Materials: balloons and an air pump.
Balloon twisting art is fun hobby and generally good skills to have. Also, it is source of income for many balloon artists. As with any other business, it is very important to attract customers. We can accomplish it in many different ways. Today I want to share with you one of possible ways to attract very specific customers to your stand. Those customers who do not want to buy your balloons, yet. Let's try to change their minds about it.

Let's pretend for now that you are working somewhere one a street (park and etc.). And it so happened that you don't have at this moment any customers near your stand. You see a family with kids is going in your direction. Unfortunately you recognized the look on faces of adults. They don't want balloons! He he he :)

Wait for them to get close enough and then say loud "Free popsicle to first customer! No purchase is necessary! Free popsicle of any flavor! Yes mam. Free popsicle! What is your favorite flavor? Lucky you! I have that flavor. Come and get it!"
There is a good chance that you already won their attention. We define flavor by colors. Red for strawberry and cherry, yellow for banana and lemon, white for french vanilla, green for wild sour apples and watermelon, brown for chocolate, purple for blueberry and grape and so on. With some practice it would take under one minute of your time to make popsicle out of balloon using tulip twist. Now we are getting to probably the most important part of this business. Talk to the kids about their favorite balloon animals, while you are making popsicle for the adult. Attention: You Make Popsicle Always Only For The Adult! Give the balloon popsicle to adult alone with your business card and your best wishes. The popsicle is sugar free and absolutely uneatable. Also you may say to the kid that this popsicle is the best gift any child ever made to mom (or any other adult with the popsicle) on such beautiful day. And now, there is a good chance the adult will ask you to make the kids' favorite balloon animal.

Chance is a chance. Be nice either way it goes!
Remember: you are the winner anyway it goes. And you've got it already in many ways.
1. The customer has your business card. There is a chance they may call you for birthday party.
2. A couple of customers next to your stand is the most working and attractive advertisement.
3. You can make popsicles out of long piece of broken balloon-go green!

We use tulip twist to make many different balloon sculptures described in previously published instructions. And below is a short version of how it is done for popsicle sculpture. Inflate balloon making about 5-6 inch bubble (Pic 1).

Twist the 1st about thumb nail size bubble (Pic 2).

Force the 1st bubble inside of the balloon all the way to the opposite end of the big bubble (Pic 3 and 4).

Hold the 1st bubble inside of the balloon at the very end of the long bubble (Pic 4).

Make the 2nd bubble by twisting the 3rd bubble at the end of the big bubble (Pic 5). The 1st bubble is locked inside of the 3rd bubble.

Force the 3rd bubble inside of the 2nd bubble (Pic 5 and 7). Congratulations, you have made popsicle using tulip twist.

Summer is the best time for water balloons fights. We can make water hand grenade balloon working in the same fashion as described above for making popsicles. Just fill up balloon with water instead of air. Have fun and happy twisting :)
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