Monday, March 11, 2013

Games with Balloons. Water Balloons

There are many fun ways to get wet in the hot summer days. Most of us enjoy the water explosion from balloons filled with water even more than just throwing those balloons. The more water you fill in a balloon, the easier for the balloon to pop. The higher or harder you throw the balloon it's easier for the balloon to pop. Just throw the balloon high in the air and see the balloon explode once it lands on the ground. Throwing the balloon in water has the same result with more noise! Water balloons may last a bit longer if you fill them with less water. Or you can fill one half of the balloon with water and then pump a bit of air in. This way filled balloon may last longer and it makes more noise every time you shake or drop the balloon. 
After helping a child to fill a number of water balloons and throwing balloons you may want to add a variation to this game. Fill the balloon with water and secretly "forget" to tie a knot. Let the child hold the balloon or toss the balloon to a child and get ready to fill this balloon again. Variation of this game: Fill a balloon with water as usual and tie a knot. Use a scissor to cut a little hole in the balloon just below the knot. Now the water will sprinkle from the balloon making it fun for toddlers. You will need to squeeze slightly on the balloon after while to make the water sprinkle. Balloons are great tools for teaching children about important things such as color, shapes, size, weight and etc. Two balloons of the same size but one balloon inflated with air and the other balloon filled with water helps to explain the heavy/light concept.
Have fun and happy twisting :)
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