Monday, February 25, 2013

How to make balloon pumpkin bracelet

Materials: balloons, scissors and an air pump.
In previously published instructions we have made different size pumpkins. Today we are going to make small size pumpkin with carved mouth. Of course we are not going to carve balloons! I rather use bubbles to make the mouth. Inflate an orange balloon leaving about two-inch flat tail (Pic 1).

Twist the first and the second about six-inch bubbles (Pic 2). We can twist bubbles of different size to make different size pumpkins.

Lock both ends of the chain of the first two (the first and the second) bubbles in one lock twist. Twist the third about six-inch bubble (Pic 3).

Lock the free end of the third bubble between the first and the second bubbles (you have to roll the first and the second bubble around the third bubble). Twist the fourth about six-inch bubble (Pic 4).

Lock the free end of the fourth bubble between the first and the second bubbles (Pic 5 and 6).

Twist the fifth soft about three-inch bubble (Pic 7).

Lock both ends of the fifth bubble in one lock twist (Pic 8). The fifth bubble represents the lower lip.

Twist the sixth about six-inch bubble (Pic 9).

Lock the free end of the sixth bubble between the first and the second bubble. The rest of the balloon is the seventh bubble (Pic 10 and 11).

Twist the seventh about six-inch bubble. Lock both ends of the seventh bubble in one lock twist. Cut off the rest of the balloon and tie off the end (Pic 12). The seventh bubble represents the upper lip.

Force the seventh and the fifth bubbles between the bubbles of the pumpkin (Pic 13 and 14). We have made the pumpkin with mouth.

There are many different ways to make different shape leaves. I am going to use green balloon to make three leaves with funny tail (Pic 15 and 16).

We can attach leaves either at top or bottom of pumpkin. In this example I attached leaves
at the top of our sculpture. Simply lock the base of the flat tail bubble around the seventh orange bubble (Pic 17 through 20).

We can decorate the pumpkin in different ways. For example we can use permanent marker to draw face, teeth and etc. In this example I use black balloon to make two very soft about two-inch bubbles (with about one-inch flat space between them) for the eyes (Pic 21 and 22).

Pull the seventh orange bubble out. Force one eye bubble through the loop of the seventh orange bubble. We can leave it as it is (Pic 23). The seventh orange bubble will represent the nose.

Or we can force the seventh orange bubble with the eye bubbles between the bubbles of the pumpkin (Pic 24 through 26). And again, we can use different color balloons to make eye bubbles. And we can fix bubbles in different positions to make variations of faces.

I am going to use flat balloon to make the bracelet. Simply attach one end of the flat balloon at the bottom of the pumpkin (lock it around the fifth orange bubble). Loop the flat balloon around hand and lock it between bubbles of the pumpkin. Make sure the loop of the flat balloon is loose enough to pull your hand through it (Pic 27 and 28). Hide the ends of the flat balloon between bubbles or cut it off and tie off the ends. Congratulations again, we have made pumpkin with mouth. And we can use it as a bracelet. Have fun and happy twisting :)

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