Friday, February 22, 2013

Games with balloons: Silly Relay

Number of players: 4 and up. Make two or more teams. Inflate as many balloons as there are teams. Line up the players of each team. Let the first player of each team hold a balloon between knees or elbows. The players have to pass the balloon to their team members using only those parts of their bodies. If the balloon falls on the ground or pops, the team should start over. The first team that makes a full round is the winner. You may give special (balloons!) prizes to winners and to all players. Variation of this game: let teams handle as many balloons as they can in a limited time. Or let players to pass two or more balloons at the same time! Variation of this game: players may use only part of their bodies which were not used by the previous player. Variation of this game: players have to run (or walk) a given distance holding a balloon between their knees. Variation of this game: dance holding a balloon (or balloons) between legs. The last player who is holding balloons between his/her legs is the winner. Variation of this game: dancing or racing hat-teams. Make a simple hat for each player and connect all the hats of one team together above their heads (it looks like one big umbrella). The teams have to dance or run wearing the hats and keep their hats connected.
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